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April security updates for Flash

adobe_flash_8s600x600_2Here is April’s Flash security bulletin from Adobe: apsb15-06.

Available for immediate download as a Slackware package are the plugin for chromium browser (PPAPI) as well as the plugin for mozilla-compatible browsers (NPAPI).

If you have pipelight installed, you should run “pipelight-plugin –update” as root to get the latest MS Windows-based Flash installed automatically the next time the browser loads the pipelight plugin (at the time of writing, there is no pipelight update available but that should change in the coming days).

The updated Slackware package for chromium-pepperflash-plugin has version The updated flashplayer-plugin has version

Download them here (probably mirrored elsewhere too, but these I at least know about):



  1. zbeaker

    Eric, thanks as usual. You are always right on top of these issues for us Slackers!

  2. Alex

    Yet another shame!

    every crap distro listed, but no Slackware!

    Gz to Slackware maintainers

  3. alienbob

    Alex, installation instructions for Slackware are not needed, because Slackware already contains git by default.

  4. alienbob

    Also Alex, if you add yet another random useless rant in a random article, I will ban you from this blog.

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