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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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Archive for February, 2013

Two fix-packages for KDE SC 4.10.0

There are two bugs in the new KDE SC 4.10.0, which I was compelled to fix without waiting for a 4.10.1 release. The first concerns the new “simple locker” which can be chosen instead of the normal screensaver. In KDE 4.10.0, this new screenlocker has the annoying behaviour that it will activate even if you […]

LibreOffice 4.0.0 has been released

Yesterday the LibreOffice developers released their 4.0.0 milestone. This is essentially the same code as the 3rd Release Candidate for which I dropped some testing packages a few days ago. Quoting the announcement, “LibreOffice 4.0.0 is the first release that reflects the objectives set by the community at the time of the announcement” (On 28 […]

KDE SC 4.10.0 released

Right on time, here is KDE Software Compilation 4.10.0. We left behind the 4.9 series but since this is a “zero release” I will keep my 4.9.5 packages around for a while. With this 4.10 series, one of the most interesting new features for end-users is the enhanced scripting possibilities for Plasma Workspaces (using QML, […]

Steam games in Slackware

Valve is updating its Steam client for Linux regualarly, fixing the issues which are reported by lots of interested Linux gamers. I was a bit behind with updating my Slackware remix of the client binaries but I have overcome the flue and pushed an update, bringing the┬ásteamclient package for Slackware to the latest version, […]

Fix package for VLC critical vulnerability (Security Advisory 1302)

A critical vulnerability was discovered in VLC’s ASF demuxer, Quoting the VideoLAN Security Advisory page : “Details: When parsing a specially crafted ASF movie, a buffer overflow might occur. Impact: If successful, a malicious third party could trigger an invalid memory access, leading to a crash of VLC media player’s process. In some cases attackers […]