I guess it will be OK to do a bit of PR for my own sake here – I am usually quite modest 😉

Linux Magazine published an interview with yours truly by Christopher Smart – aptly called “Why you should try Slackware” (I actually liked the working title better: “The swiss army knife of Linux gets 64 bits“). Christopher runs “The Distribution Channel” on the front page of Linux Magazine’s online edition.

The interview focuses on the story behind new 64bit port that was released with Slackware 13.0 but I also get the chance to try and explain why I stick with this distro through thick and thin. If there had not been a deadline and if I had not managed to almost fall asleep at the keyboard while finishing the reply text, I could have gone on a lot longer…

Due to the secretive nature of the development of Slackware’s 64bit port (we wanted to make a splash when it finally landed on the public servers), I had a hard time not to tell people outside the core team about my ideas and get feedback on my assumptions.  The interview shows a bit of this struggle. I hope you like reading it.

Cheers, Eric