Yes! KDE 4.5.1 Packages are now available for slackware-current (32-bit and 64-bit).

Read installation/upgrade instructions in the provided README file.

In my previous post I wrote that I was not sure who would be building new packages for KDE, but then I decided that this would be a nice test of my new build box with virtual machines. Indeed my total build time for KDE has been reduced to almost a third of the time that was needed before!

My new KDE 4.5.1 packages are only meant for  Slackware-current. They are not guaranteed to work on Slackware 13.1, so if you want KDE 4.5.1 you are encouraged to upgrade to Slackware-current!

There is one additional dependency to be installed on slackware-current: libdbusmenu-qt (which does not yet exist in Slackware).  You’ll find it in the “deps” directory.

Let me repeat this note from when 4.5.0 was released:


The kdepim and kdepim-runtime packages are not part of KDE 4.5.1 !!
The PIM developers decided that their applications are not yet stable enough to get included, and instead you are encouraged to keep the kdepim and kdepim-runtime packages of slackware-current (version 4.4.5).
There is one caveat: the consequence is that you will only be able to use the english localization of kdepim, because the language files are contained in the kde-l10n-* packages of the old version. You can not install that in parallel with the 4.5.1 version of your language files.

Enjoy, Eric