blueSW-64pxI think I have managed to fix most of the important breakage in my packages, after Slackware-current updated its icu4c package a couple of days ago.

Recompiled packages are now available for -current:

  • Regular packages: LibreOffice 5.0.3
  • KDE 5_15.11┬ápackages: qt5 (which was bumped to 5.5.1 at the same time), step, akonadi4, akonadi, akonadi-search, akonadi-calendar and kdepimlibs. Here at home, Plasma 5 works again on latest slackware-current.
  • Multilib: fixed convertpkg-compat32 script so that it will properly handle┬áthe new eudev; and also updated the “compat32” package directory with a new eudev-compat32 package.

If there are other packages in my -current repository that require recompilation, please let me know!