Last weekend I pushed version of liveslak code to my git repository and used it to generate a fresh batch of Slackware Live ISO images.

Main change between 1.7.0 and is fixing the broken Ventoy support on UEFI computers. Slackware Live ISO works out of the box on Ventoy again. The documentation will help you setup persistence for the live ISO on a Ventoy disk.

Get liveslak ISOs

The various variants of Slackware Live Edition can be found in the “latest” subdirectory at or its US mirror . A fast UK mirror is provided by Darren Austin at .
You’ll be able to download ISO Live images of 32bit and 64bit Slackware proper, also of the small XFCE variant for (both architectures), and then CINNAMON, DAW, LEAN and MATE ISOs that only come in 64bits.
The DAW ISO is based on Slackware 15.0 (including all patches to date) to offer a sense of stability, whereas all the other ISOs are based on Slackware-current update “Fri Aug 18 18:37:33 UTC 2023“.

All ISOs containing a 64bit Slackware have support for SecureBoot.

Also have a look in the “bonus” subdirectory! There’s Nvidia binary graphics driver, Broadcom STA wirelesss driver, Wine 8 and multilib modules to add if you use the persistent version of liveslak.

Get liveslak sources

The liveslak project is hosted in git. Its browsable cgit interface is here:

A set of the liveslak scripts can also be downloaded from or

Have fun! Eric