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This is KDE Plasma6 Beta2 for Slackware, based on Qt 6.6.1 and consisting of:
KDE Frameworks5 5.113.0, Frameworks 5.247.0, Plasma 5.91.0
and Applications 24.01.85;

KDE Plasma6 Beta2 is not really meant to be installed on top of Slackware
-current. Instead, give it a non-destructive test run via a liveslak ISO
copied onto a Ventoy bootable USB stick:

What is the NEWS for this release:
- The 'deps' section has some new (to Slackware) and some updated packages:
  * new are: libQuotient, libdisplay-info, olm, python-html5lib,
    python-webencodings, qt6, wayland-utils.
  * updates for Slackware's own packages, adding Qt6 support: futuresql, gpgme,
    kdsoap, opencv, phonon, polkit-qt-1, poppler, qca, qcoro, qtkeychain,
- Frameworks5 5.113.0 is still needed to support KDE applications which are
  based on Qt5. See
- Frameworks 5.247.0 is the base for Plasma6, and it is based on Qt6.
- Plasma 5.91.0 is also part of the Beta2 MegaRelease.
- Applications 24.01.85 is part of Beta2 MegaRelease.

Further points of interest:
- There are a couple of *runtime* dependencies that I did not add to the
  ktown repository, but you may want to consider installing them yourself:
  * vlc - will give phonon another backend to select from.
  * openconnect: support for Cisco's SSL VPN (but you would have to recompile
    plasma-nm to pick up the support for it).
  All of these can be found in my regular package repository.
- A subset of Slackware-current kDE packages is still needed, because these
  have not yet been ported from Qt5 to Qt6:
  alkimia, calligra, calligraplan, fcitx5-configtool, fcitx5-theme-breeze, 
  kColorPicker, kImageAnnotator, kaudiocreator, kdevelop, kdev-php, kdev-python,
  kile, kmymoney, kquickimageeditor, krita, kstars, labplot, latte-dock,
  libindi, libnova, okteta, stellarsolver, wcslib.

You can start a Plasma Wayland session via SDDM (runlevel 4) by selecting it
in the session drop-down menu.
You can start a Plasma Wayland session at the console (runlevel 3) by
executing the "startkwayland" command.

Building it all from source:

Sources and scripts are separated from the packages in my 'ktown' repository.
If you want the sources for KDE 6, run the following command to download them
(downloading from a mirror will usually be much faster):

  # rsync -Hav rsync:// sources/

There are a lot of 'dependencies' for KDE 6 which you'll have to compile and
install before attempting to compile KDE 6. Compiling and installing these
dependencies on Slackware-current is as easy as this:
  # cd sources/deps
  # ./alldeps.SlackBuild
  # cd -

The finished packages will be stored in /tmp and will already have been
installed/upgraded automatically.

Then if you want to compile the KDE packages on your computer, run:
  # cd sources/kde
  # ./kde.SlackBuild

Wait a long time, and you will find the new packages in /tmp/kde_build .
Note that these packages will already have been installed by kde.SlackBuild !
Reboot your computer and login to a Plasma session.

                     Eric Hameleers / alien at slackware dot com / 25-dec-2023