VLC 3.0.8 packages

largeVLCAlso during my holiday, the VideoLAN developers released version 3.0.8 of their VLC media player.

The Release Notes state that this releases provides fixes for several security issues among wich 11 which are CVE-worthy. Meaning that it’s prudent to upgrade your VLC to 3.0.8 soonest.

I have the new packages available (for Slackware 14.2 and -current) in my repository since a couple of days. I used the opportunity to update the following internal libraries as well: bluray, dav1d, ebml, and matroska.

You will also probably note that there is no “npapi-vlc” package. I decided to retire this VLC based NPAPI webbrowser plugin from my repository. Modern browsers are all moving away from NPAPI plugin support, and relying on HTML5 instead. Chrome/Chromium always only supported PPAPI based plugins anyway.

A note about dependencies for the VLC 3.x packages:

My Slackware packages for VLC are mostly self-contained with all of the supporting libraries compiled into the package. This makes for a minimal dependency on external libraries/packages. But there are some caveats with the new release: most importantly, its interface has switched from Qt4 to Qt5.
While Slackware contains a ‘qt4’ package, it does not contain ‘qt5’ and therefore, the vlc-3.x package introduces some new external dependencies, all related to the Qt5 GUI: SDL_sound, OpenAL, libxkbcommon, qt5. Hopefully Qt5 will get added to Slackware-current sometime in the future.
On Slackware 14.2, two more packages are needed – they have already been incorporated into Slackware-current: libinput and libwacom .

A note on compiling:

When you want to compile VLC 3 yourself, be sure to install java8 and apache-ant or your build will fail.
If you are running Slackware 14.2 you will additionally need the following four packages (required to compile the ‘dav1d‘ decoder): meson, ninja, python3, python3-setuptools .

Where to find the new VLC packages:

Rsync access is offered by the mirror server: rsync://slackware.nl/mirrors/people/alien/restricted_slackbuilds/vlc/ .

For BluRay support, read a previous article for hints about the aacs keys that you’ll need.

My usual warning about patents: versions that can not only DEcode but also ENcode AAC audio can be found in my alternative repository where I keep the packages containing code that might violate stupid US software patents.

Have fun! Eric

3 thoughts on “VLC 3.0.8 packages

  1. Hi Eric, thanks for all of thise weekend’s updates!

    There seems to be some leftover packages in your -current repos, I have found:

    npapi-vlc-20171129-x86_64-1 in alienbob and restricted (obsoleted)
    OpenAL-1.19.1-x86_64-1 in alienbob (OpenAL-1.19.1-x86_64-2 in ktown)
    qrencode-3.4.4-x86_64-1 in alienbob (qrencode-4.0.2-x86_64-1 in ktown)

    BTW, since you retired npapi-vlc I’m assuming it should be OK to delete my currently installed package (npapi-vlc-20190112-x86_64-1alien), right?


  2. When installing the package, installpkg have hung “in the end”, I tried two times, and I needed to do a CTRL+C to stop it. The package is installed because I checked the version, also I found two package-vlc into my root system.

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