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Package updates as a result from the switch to Python 3.10 in Slackware-current

When Python3 was updated from 3.9 to 3.10 in Slackware-current two weeks ago, lots of 3rd-party packages (i.e. software packages that are not part of the Slackware distro itself) containing python modules were suddenly broken.
To make things more complex, not all Python software is currently compatible with Python 3.10. Patrick Volkerding opened a poll on to get feedback from the community about this intrusive update after we already have a Slackware 15.0 Release Candidate since mid-august.
After all, when you tag a Release Candidate, that usually sends a signal that the software set is frozen and only usability issues and software bugs will be addressed.

After giving this some time to sink in and hoping that this update would be reverted because of its impact, I now think we are stuck with Python 3.10 in Slackware. Which means I had to start looking at which of my own packages are now broken.

This will require time I am sure. time which I do not have in large quantities, so I am going to do this incrementally and with a sense of prioritizing. Top-most I am going to work on the packages that are actually reported to me as being broken.

Today’s message for you is that I have fixed the Inkscape package in my repository. Inkscape is a complex program for creating vector graphics (SVG images for instance). Complex in the sense that it has many dependencies and some of these were also broken – due to recent boost, icu4c and python3 upgrades in Slackware. The sum of updated packages is therefore: inkscape, libcdr, python-lxml, python-numpy and scour.

Let me know if there’s other software in my package repository for -current that’s currently broken. I do not use all that software myself so in some cases I will be totally unaware of any ‘broken-ness’ until you tell me.

Cheers! Eric

Freedom of Choice 2013 Members Choice Awards

LinuxQuestionsFellow Slackers and other friends!

It’s that time of the year again where Jeremy calls upon the masses to enter the poll for the 2013 Members Choice Awards. Remember last year, when Slackware made it to Desktop Distro of 2012 and was beaten to a hair-width by Debian for Server Distro of the year?

Please have a look at this year’s poll, it’s full of interesting choices. And make a honest selection! I don’t really care if Slackware ends up on top, it is more important that you experience that moment of realization that there is a wealth of Open Source Software out there which allows us to succeed in doing the things we like most. Freedom of choice usually comes at a high price, but Open Source Software & Standards allow you to make your choices for free and in freedom.

Please, take a moment to consider if there are ways for you to contribute back – it does not have to cost you money out of your pocket. If you are poor or can’t spare the money, your give-back can still be trememdously valuable. For instance, by helping friends with their adoption of Open Source, or by writing down your knowledge so that others can in turn advance their own knowledge; maybe you could check at your children’s school to see if there is room for a “Linux college” of sorts or prepare a hack-fest where everyone brings their computer and you bring a bunch of Slackware install CD’s 😉 Or perhaps this is the perfect time to start coding on some cool program so that we can forget about SystemD!

Realize that the Open Source (and Open Standards) ecosystem is about respect, sharing, growth and advancement. You and I, we are both part of this ecosystem. By working together without artificial boundaries or constraints and treating each other as equals, we can try to make this world a better place for all.

It’s like the spirit of Christmas which your Granny keeps talking about, but then without the turkey and the tree.

Happy polling! Happy holidays! Eric


Best FOSS or Linux Blog of 2013

The folks at FOSS Force ran a poll during the past four weeks in order to decide who gets to be called the “Best FOSS or Linux Blog of 2013“. I casually mentioned (at the end of one of my own blog posts) that my “Alien Pastures” blog had been added to the list of contenders after the first round, and was rewarded with lots of people voting for Alien Pastures 🙂

FOSS Force Best FOSS or Linux Blog 2013Actually, so many of you voted during the second and third round (obviously stimulated by a LQ post) that I ended on top! The Alien Pastures have been honoured with the winner’s badge.

Thank you all for your appreciation and confidence, and hats off to the other blogs which participated in the poll. They are worth checking out – all of them are written by Free and Open Source Software advocates with a mission – to educate and enthuse you!

I personally gave my vote to Martin Graesslin’s Blog, I think his are the deepest thoughts.

And thank you FOSS Force for giving my blog a new platform and the potential to interest a wider audience for my writings, and for Slackware of course.


Cheers, Eric

I would like to dedicate this accomplishment to my dearest cat Sox, who slept on my lap almost every night (with hew paws firmly clutching one of my arms) and therefore has been first witness to most of the blog posts I have written here. She passed away 3 weeks ago at the age of 17.

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