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Procmail config woes

Damn… last friday I updated my ~/.procmailrc file on to get rid of some persistent spam, and forgot to actually check the validity of that change.

I wish I had checked the logs… on sunday I started wondering why the mail had stopped arriving for alien at slackware dot com, on monday I asked Pat to check the fetchmail schedules and the sendmail queues (nothing stuck there) and emails I sent from outside as a test never arrived. It took until this evening to realize that I had stopped receiving emails after I made an edit in my mail configuration.

Damn again. Anyone who sent me an email between last friday Oct 30 and today Nov  3 21:00 UTC, please re-send it. Last one that I read and answered was one from McQuen.

Apologies if I sent your email to the blackhole called /dev/null

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  1. Ryan P.C. McQuen

    Woohoo I’m famous, not for a good reason though … the last email I sent you was thanking you for refreshing that server.

    Sorry that happened but glad it all got sorted out.

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