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New set of Live ISOs

blueSW-64pxI have uploaded a fresh set of ISOs for the Slackware Live Edition. They are all based on my ‘liveslak‘ scripts and contain the latest Slackware-current dated “Sat Jun 23 04:57:41 UTC 2018“).
The available ISO variants on (remember to add support for CACert to your system if you see certificate warnings!) are:

  • Full unmodified Slackware (32bit and 64bit).
  • Stripped-down XFCE (32bit as well as 64bit), this ISO will fit on a CDROM medium.
  • Slackware with MATE 1.20 instead of KDE4 (64bit). Thanks to Willy Sudiarto Raharjo for the packaging.
  • Slackware with Plasma 5 instead of KDE4 (64bit) to showcase the Plasma 5.13.1 release. This ISO also contains LibreOffice 6.0.4 and VLC 3.0.3 among many others.

The new liveslak version 1.2.0 has a couple of updates, most related to changes in package lists and work to keep the XFCE ISO below 700 MB, but there is one update that I should mention. I have added – but have not yet tested myself – the possibility to create a configuration file “/liveslak/slackware_os.cfg” and in that file, define some of the variables you would otherwise have to set through boot commandline parameters. Those variables are:


This time the ‘testing’ branch in my ‘kown’ repository is focusing on the new Plasma Desktop 5.13, so there is no Wayland support in it now. For a future ‘testing’ release I’ll most likely re-visit Wayland but I want Patrick to add Plasma 5 to Slackware first so I can do my own stuff in just the ‘latest’ branch again and use ‘testing’ for actual tests.

Refreshing your USB stick instead of re-formatting

If you already use a Slackware Live USB stick that you do not want to re-format, you should use the “-r” parameter to the “” script. The “-r” or refresh parameter allows you to refresh the liveslak files on your USB stick without touching your custom content. If you want to modify other parameters of your USB stick, use the script ““. It’s main feature is that it can update the kernel on the USB stick, but it also can replace the Live init script. As with most (if not all) of my scripts, use the “-h” parameter to get help on its functionality.

Historical info on liveslak

More detail about the features of Slackware Live Edition can be found in previous posts here on the blog.

Have fun!


  1. chrisretusn

    Awesome! Thanks and very much appreciated.

  2. samw41l

    +1 Plasma5 goes to Slackware

  3. Widya Walesa

    +1 plasma5 goes to slackware

  4. mactep

    Hello. Touchpad does not work:

  5. alienbob

    mactep, indeed. Same error on my harddisk install. It looks like a bug in plasma-desktop package, probaby caused by compiling the 5.13.1 package on top of an installed 5.12.5 package.
    Will not be solved in this ISO, but a next upgrade of the Plasma package set in ‘testing’ will hopefully fix it.

  6. mactep

    Hello. After performing # upgrade-all, the formation does not start: Please tell me if there is a solution to this problem. Thank you.

  7. mactep

    Excuse for my bad English.

  8. jean-etienne

    on an x86_64 machine, the system hangs at boot with live-usb i586

  9. alienbob

    mactep did you run “slackpkg upgrade-all” on a Live OS? Or on an harddisk-installed OS?

    You are not giving a lot of detail but you seem to be using slackpkg+ to manage 3rd party repositories. And your pastebin post suggests that your Plasma5 is from the “testing” branch (it needs Qt 5.11). All of that is consistent with using the PLASMA5 Live ISO.
    However – somehow you downgraded the qt5 package, probably to the qt5 5.9.6 package in my regular “slackbuilds” repository, because a “slackpkg upgrade-all” would do that if you do not pay attention.
    Try “slackpkg upgrade qt5” and I bet you will see a qt 5.11 package then. Try adding this to the /etc/slackpkg/slackpkgplus.conf file:

    PKGS_PRIORITY=( ktown:qt5 )

    … where “ktown” is the label that’s used for the Plasma5 testing repository.

  10. alienbob

    jean-etienne – too little info, I cannot help you, sorry.

  11. jean-etienne

    hello maybe this info
    I have only created the usb bootable using liveslak-120 : iso2usb -i -o
    slackware-live-xfce-current.iso 2018-06-25 22:50
    boot hangs…
    if I lleave the usb key inserted I can’t boot any system
    so french ipl

  12. Albert Flanders

    Thanks, your work is absolutely brilliant. The ability to save files is awesome!
    The speed (responsiveness) of the environment is totally satisfactory as long as a USB-3 flash drive is used.
    Thanks again. Truly remarkable.: )

  13. alienbob

    Hi Albert – glad you like Slackware Live Edition and find it satisfactory 🙂

  14. jean-etienne

    xorriso : FAILURE : Image size 1553440s exceeds free space on media 1459428s
    I hope you are fully ok now

  15. alienbob

    jean-etienne… indeed, the fdisk on is almost full. I need to check what I can delete there.
    Thanks for the hint.

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