My new mirror

I have a new mirror server.

I have configured a VPS (a virtually hosted server using QEMU) which was donated to me by a Slackware supporter who wishes to remain anonymous. The physical server is on a gigabit Internet connection, so I guess I can offer a speedy  mirror service!

In fact, the mirrors are already complete. With a re-sync of several times a day, I hope to offer an uptodate service. I am mirroring the following:

  • My own complete package repository and tools – including my “restricted SlackBuilds” area, containing things like lame, libdvdcss etc.
  • My “Ktown” repository of KDE packages – where I made available new packages for KDE 4.5.1 earlier today.
  • The full repository.
  • Slackware-current – both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures will be mirrorred.

Plus, I am using my script to create bootable DVD ISO images of slackware-current (32-bit and 64-bit). These ISO images will be re-generated every time there is an update to the -current ChangeLog.txt.
These ISO images do not contain source code. This allows me to keep the ISO file size below 2 GB which will make it a worthwhile download for you.

And most important – mirror access:

Hammer it good!

Cheers, Eric

14 thoughts on “My new mirror

  1. The KDE packages work very well for me. I am, however, rather stupid about rsync. Can I sync only one directory? I tried:
    rsync -v –progress rsync:// .
    when in my x86_64/kde dir. I got your text style logo & then:
    rsync: change_dir “alien-kde/x86_64” (in mirrors) failed: No such file or directory (2)

  2. thanks a lot for this, Eric (and all the other people involved). 🙂

    @bill: try
    rsync -avP rsync:// .

  3. Thanks, Ponce. That command did the trick. Now I’ll go find out how it works & why I couldn’t figure it myself.

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  5. Hi,

    After a bit of searching found the 13.1 mini iso on your mirror. It may just be a life saver.

    I am a Scotsman travelling light in New Zealand and been given the most ancient laptop (Thinkpad MMX 300MHz, 32Mb RAM) and managed to get DSL on it but now need something a bit punchier, so I thought I would try the good old stable of slackware. It was my first and I always seem to drift back to it when in a fix.

    Eoin :o)

  6. @Eoin –

    Hmmm I think the modern installer will not boot in 32 MB of RAM…. with a machine that old you may have to fall back to Slackware 11.0.

    Good luck! Eric

  7. wanting to use your script to mirror your new server, but i cant seem to get it to work

    if i use this
    it returns this
    Error while testing the connection to rsync mirror!

    but if i use the default
    it works fine

    also how do i exclude kde and kdei? do i put those in the same exclude line with pasture?

  8. Hi dodgefan67,

    Try this RSYNCURLROOT instead, it will work:

    If you want to exclude KDE and KDEI then yes, just add them to the excludes along with pasture, like this:

    EXCLUDES=${EXCLUDES:-“–exclude pasture –exclude=kde –exclude=kdei”}


  9. thanks Eric! i will try this tonight when i get home

    can the exclude line look like this
    EXCLUDES=${EXCLUDES:-”–exclude pasture kde kdei”}


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