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-good job!+If you want to add stuff to this discussion page you'll have to email it to me. Thanks to anonymous cowards who kept spamming the page.  --- Eric 
 +//link to blog site deleted//.\\ I hate spammers like you, mister IP 
 +address I will block your IP address (range) if this happens 
 +again.\\ Rules of the house: do not delete others' content - and you did 
 +exactly that, as well. Anonymous coward.\\ 
 +--- Eric 
 +//Mon Jan 15 08:45:50 UTC 2007//.\\ Someone at IP address (''d220-237-239-124.dsl.nsw.optusnet.com.au'') wiped this whole page. ANother target IP for blocking?\\ 
 +--- Eric 
 +//Fri Mar 02 14:01:00 UTC 2007//.\\ Someone at IP address (''dsl.dynamic81213164211.ttnet.net.tr'') filled this page with fascist crap. Sorry...\\ 
 +--- Eric

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