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Discussion page for Slackware annoyances

If you have anything that annoys you in Slackware, feel free to add that to this page. I will try to answer, and perhaps provide a fix for obvious bugs. — Eric

Thanks for providing extremely useful pages to all Slackware users!

One minor annoyance:

Trouble with rc.inet1 <int>_restart / stop In a system with 2 network cards (let's say one wired, one wireless) and only one card is plugged/active, when shutting down the system, it tries to deactivate the interface which is already down and doesn't have an IP address. No big deal, but wastes a second, prints an error message, and tries to send for an inactive interface More importantly - trying to get a new IP address doesn't work - running rc.inet1 ath0_restart doesn't properly release the IP address so that it's impossible to get a new address on the interface. Same problem happens with rc.inet1 ath0_down&&sleep 5&&rc.inet1 ath0_start

Thanks much! (-Y1)

Hi Yalla! Your problem might be related to tone from Ismael, and fixed with the addition of
ifconfig ath0

I'll see that I update my scripts sometime soon. Sorry that my replya took so long… never suspected anyone would actually use these discussion pages!
— Eric

———————————– - Related comment (suggestion):

I've been thinking that maybe Slack's rc.inet1 should also unset the IP address when it brings it down.

Something like:

ifconfig ethN
ifconfig ethN down

IMHO it should do it in both cases, when there's a DHCP assigned address and when it is statically assigned.

I've seen that my RaLink 2500 wireless card gets confused when it is brought(sp?) down but the IP isn't removed (If I run ifconfig -a, then the IP is still being shown!). It get's its IP from DHCP, and the DHCP gets sucesfully killed, but out of sudden the card comes up again, adding a fix like the one above to rc.inet1 seems to solve this.

Maybe you could add that to your enhaced rc.inet1, Eric. And hopefully it will get into Slack 11 :)

— Ismael C.

(ifconfig ethN ) I had already proposed to add this to rc.inet1 but Pat voted it down :-( Still, I can just add it back to my own version of the rc.inet1, and maybe Pat will be convinced of it's use when more people bring this to his attention <hint>
— Eric


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