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  --- Eric  --- Eric
 ------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------
 +I have question. I don't understand how CUPS works.
 +The path appears to be:
 + usb://EPSON/Stylus%20SX100?serial=KQEZ387420&interface=1.
 +This path is not a true path from the hard drive, such as /dev../.../ etc.
 +Can someone explain?
 ==== Ownership ==== ==== Ownership ====
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 ------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------
 +==== PDF Update for 14.0 and CUPS 1.5.4 ====
 +The issue of saving the file, instead of mailing it, and copying it to a user's directory has popped up again in 14.0, with a slight variation to what Eric writes above.  As Eric says, the pdf file in /var/spool/cups is owned by lp:lp (and also with the executable bit set -- I modified the script so that the permission is 600, not 700).  It seems the latest CUPS has changed permissions so that having /usr/lib/cups/backend/pdf owned by lp now longer works.  The ''chown'' within the script is failing again.
 +According to the CUPS docs [[http://www.cups.org/documentation.php/doc-1.6/api-filter.html#PERMISSIONS|here]], "Backends that must run as root //[ed: needed for the ''chown'']// should use permissions of 0500 - read and execute by root, no access for other users."  So I have reverted back to that.
 +I changed the pdf backend script permissions to 0700 owned by root:lp and the script as is works fine, including any command at the end to move the pdf file out of the spool directory into your home directory.  No need to add users to groups or other work.

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