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-====== Discussion on building Linux kernels ====== +You have more useful info than the British had colonies &lt;a href=&quot;http://qsxyxwja.com&quot;>prWWe-II.</a>
- +
-Feel free to comment on this Wiki page. Do you have suggestions to make it better? Critical remarks? Leave them here. +
- +
-Eric +
- +
---------------------------------------------------- +
- +
-> Found typo: '... a X terminal...' / Should be: '... an X terminal...' +
-But did it really need **six** revisions of your feedback line to tell me this :-) That is what the ''[Preview]'' button is for...\\  +
- --- Eric +
- +
-So sorry about that. When it comes to editing: can't help meself, mate :) +
- +
-&gt;Spotted formatting typo. Look under **Modifying lilo.conf** +
- +
-The first code block in the section says: +
-<code> +
-label linux read-only # Non-UMSDOS filesystems should be mounted read-only for checking +
-&lt;/code&gt; +
-It should be two lines: +
-<;code> +
-label = linux +
-read-only     # Non-UMSDOS filesystems should be mounted read-only for checking +
-</code> +
- +
-Perhaps rogue <key>return</key> key didn't show up? It was probably taking +
-some unwarranted holiday somewhere or other. It might even be slacking somewhere +
-else on this site for all we know. Hey, in the ChangeLog recently Pat lost a '['. +
-"It had fallen off my desk and ended up under a table". That's always a pain. +
- +
-Nice guide Eric. Thanks for the rest of your good work too. I appreciate you +
-highlighting the point Linus made (the infamous /usr/src 'zombie' instructions), +
-and the fact that it's a 'non-issue' with Slackware. +
- +
-However I still think Linus has a point. If nothing else, juggling chainsaws +
-when you're tired, and you've done it a million times before, **could** be +
-hazardous to your health ;-) +
- +
-- mjc - +

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