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Email encryption with Pine and GPG

It is not hard to make Pine read and send GPG-encrypted or -signed messages. Several tools are available that glue gpg and pine together, and I use Pine Privacy Guard (PPG). This is a small Perl script that does all the hard work.

  • Install Pine Privacy Guard on your computer:
    wget http://quantumlab.net/pine_privacy_guard/pinepg-1.02.tgz
    tar -C /usr/local -zxvf pinepg-1.02.tgz 
    cd /usr/local/
    chown -R root:root /usr/local/pinepg-1.02
    ln -s pinepg-1.02 pinepg
    chmod 755 /usr/local/pinepg/pine_privacy_guard.pl 

    If you install PPG in another place than /usr/local/pinepg, make certain that you adapt the pathnames that are used further down in the Pine configuration.

  • Uncomment the line default-recipient-self in your ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf file to encrypt to self so you can are able read your own encrypted sent messages later on:
    #default-key 0xYourKeyID
  • Configure Pine's display-filters and sending-filters
    either edit your ~/.pinerc directly and make sure that the relevant bits look like this:
    # This variable takes a list of programs that message text is piped into
    # after MIME decoding, prior to display.
    display-filters=_LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----")_ /usr/local/pinepg/decrypt _RESULTFILE_ _DATAFILE_ _PREPENDKEY_,
            _LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----")_ /usr/local/pinepg/verify _TMPFILE_ _RESULTFILE_
    # This defines a program that message text is piped into before MIME
    # encoding, prior to sending
    sending-filters=/usr/local/pinepg/clearsign _RESULTFILE_ _DATAFILE_ _PREPENDKEY_,
            /usr/local/pinepg/encrypt _RECIPIENTS_ _RESULTFILE_ _DATAFILE_ _PREPENDKEY_

    or configure this from within Pine: (Setup > Config > Whereis > display-filters and add the two values shown above. Same for sending-filters)

  • (Optionally - looks cool) add these custom X-Headers to each email you send with pine:
    # Add these customized headers (and possible default values) when composing
    customized-hdrs=X-GPG-PUBLIC_KEY: http://pgp.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xA7
            X-GPG-FINGRPRINT: F2CE 1B92 EE1F 2C0C E97E 581E 5E56 AAAF A75C BDA0

    You can edit ~/.pinerc directly (look for the customized-hdrs= line) or configure from within pine (Setup > Config > Whereis > customized-hdrs)
    Of course, the example GPG fingerprint and key-URL are mine, and you should substitute your own.

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