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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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How to make UPC Horizon TV work in Linux

In an earlier article I have explained how you can use pipelight to run a Windows-based browser plugin seamlessly in your Linux browser. This solution makes use of a modified Wine under the hood. This way, you can for instance display web sites using Microsoft’s SilverLight technology (many dutch schools use a proprietary SilverLight based […]

Chromium, LibreOffice, Pipelight, Flashplayer updates

If you are subscribed to my repository’s RSS feed or if you are using slackpkg+ to keep your Slackware system updated, you will already have noticed and are probably already using the new packages – for the rest of you, here is the harvest of last week. Chromium Chrome and Chromium were updated to version 33.0, bringing fixes […]

Installing Diablo 3 on Slackware Linux

Linux Today News has a headline “How to Install Diablo 3 on Linux” which points to the following article on SoftPedia: . I smiled for a bit, because I already have Diablo 3 running on my Slackware desktop for a few weeks now. And it did not take “PlayOnLinux” to do this. Install my […]

Miscellaneous packages (vlc,wine,wiipresent)

Hi! Just a quick message before I hit the bed, I uploaded some Slackware packages for your consumption. vlc – the new stable release 1.1.1 became available for download today and my packages are now ready to be grabbed at (this UK mirror hosts the packages with export restrictions – they contain mp3 and […]

Better font rendering in Wine

I have just bought a Sitecom Multifunctional Print Server, the LN-308. Unfortunately, this printer comes with a MS-Windows based control center application, which you need in order to configure the printserver over the local network. As a Slackware Linux user, this fact could not defeat me, and I tried my luck with Wine. I built […]