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Archive for the tag "vp8"

VLC 1.1.0 has been released

VideoLAN team has released version 1.1.0 of their VLC player. ThisĀ  release has many improvements over the previous 1.0.0 version of this “swiss army knife of media players“. A detailed description of the changes can be found in the team’s announcement of the new release. You can also have a look at the supported features […]

ffmpeg fully supports webm video

Today, the ffmpeg developers have completed the integration of the Google-sponsored VP8 codec and associated new WebM video container format. The WebM video container format as well as VP8 decoding were added a little while ago, and the last part – VP8 video encoding – has entered the repository now. External patches are no longer […]

VLC and creating WebM video

The VLC packages which I created to accompany the release of Slackware 13.1 support the playback of WebM video, the Google-sponsored new free video format. What the VLC graphical interface can not yet do, is allow you to encode WebM video. Lucky for us, VLC has a command-line interface as well, with a humongous amount […]

Google Open Sources VP8 Codec

The press has seen a lot of commotion lately about HTML5 and its out-of-the-box video support through the new < video > tag. Ogg Video – being the open source and royalty-free container used for the HTML5 video tag – is not favoured by the big players with commercial interests in web standards and content. […]