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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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Archive for the tag "videolan"

New libreoffice, vlc packages for your Slackware

Yummy food for your hungry Slackware boxen! * VLC 1.1.8 available Another minor release in the 1.1 series, version 1.1.8 saw the light yesterday. Bugfixes and updates for the translations are its main features, but several small enhancements were made to the codec modules. New encoders for dirac video (now using the schroedinger implementation) and […]

VLC’s newest release: 1.1.6

VLC team made their newest release of the VideoLAN Player available to the general public. VLC 1.1.6 which is now available as a source tarball fixes a security hole that was reported in december 2010 which makes it a recommended upgrade. A lot of other changes and bugfixes went into the new VLC , you […]

VLC and creating WebM video

The VLC packages which I created to accompany the release of Slackware 13.1 support the playback of WebM video, the Google-sponsored new free video format. What the VLC graphical interface can not yet do, is allow you to encode WebM video. Lucky for us, VLC has a command-line interface as well, with a humongous amount […]

X264 encoder gains blu-ray encoding capability

Interesting piece of information in the #videolan IRC channel today: the X264 encoder (producing the video format commonly used in MKV and MP4 movies) is now capable of producing Blu-Ray compliant video. Until now, the free software world was not equipped with anything capable of producing Blu-Ray video discs. With the video encoding now taken […]

VLMC, and translating a Qt application

VLMC In the past week, I have been messing a bit with the VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC). This is a new project – not yet released in a stable version – from the VideoLAN developer community. It is meant to become “a free video editing software, offering features to realize semi-professional quality movies, but with […]