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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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Archive for the tag "nepomuk"

Ready for download: KDE 4.13

I am starting a new cycle of KDE packaging. The KDE community announced the general availability of KDE SC 4.13.0! After creating three new “dependency” packages (xapian-core, qt-gstreamer and eigen3), I built my new KDE packages on Slackware-current. I have not tested them on Slackware 14.1 and will not guarantee that they are even useable on Slackware […]

Common questions on Akonadi and Nepomuk in KDE PIM 4.8

 I am not usually a copy/paste kind of guy but I thought it is good to have the following information visible on this blog instead of “just” being a forum post. I was triggered by a post which pointed to another post on called “Common questions on Akonadi and Nepomuk in KDE PIM“. […]

It’s been released: KDE SC 4.4.0

The KDE community has announced the immediate availability of the KDE Software Compilation 4.4.0 (“KDE SC” is the new name of what used to be called just “KDE“). In preparation for this event, the website was re-vamped yesterday to reflect their “shift in marketing and promotion vocabulary”. Looks shiny and new! Also, I think […]

Second beta of KDE 4.4

Just before christmas in 2009, the KDE community released the second beta of the upcoming KDE 4.4 desktop environment (or to use the correct name, KDE Software Compilation 4.4). In Slackware Linux’s development tree we still have 4.3.4 which works really well, but in KDE 4.4 some major strides are being made towards an even […]