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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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Archive for the tag "flashplayer"

Security update: flashplayer-plugin

I have been feeling less than optimal during the past week because of all the changes at work (new outsourcing deal to be executed) and the lack of good sleep due to the local high temperatures (Even at night). Today I decided to keep the doors to the outside world shut (a new week with […]

Rainy weekend update

Last week was another busy working week at the office, but I still managed to update some of my packages.I also prepared sources and scripts for the just-released KDE 4.11-beta but I am not going to build those packages yet. I will probably wait for the first release candidate. There are almost 30 new packages […]

Back from holiday

I enjoyed two weeks of camping with my family, in Brittany (France). If you want to know what the view looked like… From Photostream Of course there was a lot more to see. We hunt old ruins with our camera! Brittany is full of chapels, monasteries, and the boulders everyone knows from places like Carnac. […]

New libreoffice and flashplayer packages

New packages I think you will like: I updated my SlackBuild script for LibreOffice, the successor if you want of the OpenOffice suite of applications. The updated script will download all the required source tarballs for you, so that you can separate the download and compilation process (and create packages without having to be on-line). […]

New adobe flash player for Linux

Yesterday, Adobe Labs released their “Preview 1″ of a new flashplayer browser plugin they have been developing. As you may know, the previous test version of a Linux version of their plugin was withdrawn because it was riddled with security holes, performance issues and suffered from a bad codebase. The newly developed code seems to […]