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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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Archive for the tag "firefox"

Update to Flash Player plugs vulnerabilities

Adobe issued a security bulletin for their Adobe Flash Player. On APSB13-04 two CVE’s are mentioned – CVE-2013-0633 and CVE-2013-0634. Of those two, CVE-2013-0634 is the vulnerability which affects Linux users, because it is being exploited “in the wild” in attacks delivered via malicious Flash (SWF) content hosted on websites that target Flash Player in […]

Make firefox understand downloaded files

 It is quite annoying that Firefox always forgets what application to use for “opening” a file which you just downloaded. Also, the context menu “Open containing folder” in the Downloads overview does not work. Thanks to a hint from user cendryon in  a discussion at, a clean and simple solution surfaced which I had […]

Setting up your own Mozilla Sync server

Last sunday was not a good weekend, from a software usability point of view. I had not worked with the laptop (running 64-bit Slackware-current) for a few days and thought I’d do some preparation work for the upcoming KDE release (you know, checking out if any dependencies needed adding or updating, build script checks and […]

Dumping google toolbar

Well, I guess it is time to dump good old Google Toolbar. In a previous post of mine, I showed you how to allow Firefox to keep using the Google Toolbar even though it lists as “unsupported” since firefox-5. But this is not a long-term option of course – at some point the plugin will […]

Flash crashes Firefox on x86_64

Some people have reported that on 64-bit Slackware, and after installing Adobe’s 64-bit Flash plugin, their Firefox crashes with an “illegal instruction” error  when it loads a page containing flash video (like Youtube)… I never had this issue, and for a lot of other people, flash works fine as well. However, the mystery remained until […]