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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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Archive for category Games

Commercial games and Linux

Almost two years ago I wrote an article about how the Open Source ecosystem can interact with commercial game developers. I decided it was time to write an addendum to that post. Why? Last month, Valve Software finally revealed that they are in the final stages of porting their Steam client to Linux, news that […]

Installing Diablo 3 on Slackware Linux

Linux Today News has a headline “How to Install Diablo 3 on Linux” which points to the following article on SoftPedia: . I smiled for a bit, because I already have Diablo 3 running on my Slackware desktop for a few weeks now. And it did not take “PlayOnLinux” to do this. Install my […]

How opensource works for commercial game developers

The alienĀ  preaches… about open source. A typical example of an industry where people tend to “sit” on their intellectual property (IP) is game development. If you have a fantastic game concept and built a real good engine around it, it will potentially generate a lot of money for you and your publisher, as long […]


Oh my! I always liked the Nintendo DS for the innovation it brought to the console market. Nintendo has a unique grasp of what makes a game really good and enjoyable, and they continue to invent hardware which is a match to their games. Here at home we own a Gameboy Advance as well as […]

Game of SET

An old game and I never had seen, played or heard about it… I am referring to the game of SET. My son went on a school camp where they played SET, and back home we bought a boxed version. It is very addictive! This card game was created by Marsha Jean Falco in 1974. […]