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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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Archive for May, 2013

Last week’s harvest

I was a bit too busy and tired to write something on my blog during the past week, but now that it is weekend again, there is room for some updates. Flash Player Plugin There was yet another security update for Adobe’s Flashplayer Plugin. I updated my package to the latest version. Note that if […]

LibreOffice 4.0.3 packages ready for download (and a rant)

LibreOffice 4.0.3 Yesterdaty I noticed the LibreOffice 4.0.3 chance, and built Slackware 14 packages for it right away (they work on -current just as well).Noteworthy statement in these release notes is “LibreOffice 4.0.3 is another important step in the process of improving the quality and stability of the bleeding edge version of the suite, […]

KDE Software Compilation 4.10.3 for Slackware 14.

I was on holiday, so I was unable to create the Slackware packages for KDE Software Compilation 4.10.3 any sooner than today. This installment of KDE SC was already added to slackware-current earlier this week, but my packages are specifically for users of the stable release, Slackware 14. As with every incremental KDE release, this […]

A look on the sunny side

It will be obvious by now, that I work somewhat like a manic-depressive person. Bursts of frenzied activity are followed by periods of silence and withdrawal. After I had worked like a maniac to release a usable version of my Slackware ARMv7 port (creating a git repository, cleaning up build scripts, uploading packages and setting […]