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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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Archive for January, 2013

I got the flu, no new software or posts while I get better

I caught a bad case of it, I have been slowly deteriorating during the week and not accepting it, and I was finally felled on thursday evening. If you wondered, why no new calibre packages, why no talk about the upcoming libreoffice or KDE, well that is why. I am unable to work on computers […]

Update for OpenJDK 7 with IcedTea 2.3.4 plugs 0-day exploit.

The past week was buzzing with the 0-day exploit for Oracle’s Java browser plugin, but according to CERT, the OpenJDK was affected as well by the underlying bug. Oracle “hastily” patched this critical vulnerability (CVE-2012-3174) although now it seems that only this particular “attack vector” was patched but the underlying vulnerability remains, leaving the way […]

Alien tip: Volume change percentages in KDE

I have felt frustrated at times, when I press the Volume Up/Down buttons on my keyboard and the sound volume in KDE becomes just too loud, or just too soft. When you are running the KDE desktop, the increments in volume change are controlled by KMix, the KDE mixer. By default, the sound volume changes […]

KDE 4.9.5 was released. Next should be 4.10.

When I announced the “final release in the 4.9 series” last month I had no idea that there would be another incremental bugfix release… but the KDE 4.9 Release Schedule page was updated shortly after and here we are with KDE Software Compilation 4.9.5! What happened was that too many bugs had crept in the […]